Killingworth's Next "Top Dog" Model
The Search Is Overů


The Town Clerk's Office is excited to announce that ROXY, a 9 year old Rottweiler mix, is Killingworth's Next "Top Dog". And no pup is more deserving of this honor than beautiful Roxy! A new Killingworth resident, Roxy was rescued earlier this year and now lives on Pond Meadow Road. Roxy had a very difficult life prior to her rescue and has spent the past four months adjusting to small-town life and learning about love with her new family. We are thrilled that she is beginning to trust again and hope that this award will give her more confidence and further reinforce that people are kind and she is loved. Killingworth welcomes you Roxy and is very proud of the progress you have made!

The "Top Dog" runner-up is FROSTY, a free-spirited pup originally from Tennessee by way of New Jersey. Frosty's owner, Loren Lugg, agreed to foster him about 2 years ago, but soon decided it was a match made in heaven. A striking Great Pyrenees mix, this handsome canine strolled into Town Hall straight from the groomer and looking quite dashing to pick up his prize. Loren admits Frosty's mischievous ways have taught him a lot about patience, adding he now introduces himself with the words "He didn't do it!" Congratulations Frosty!

Rounding out Killingworth's Top Dogs is an adorable little Pomeranian named Bear, owned by the Lavoie family. Bear is an exuberant 11-pound ball of fluff, whose love of lounging on a float in the pool is second only to his love of playing in the snow. It was love at first sight for Bear's mom, who had to convince his dad to adopt him. Now, the unlikely pair is inseparable and as Bear's mom put it, "they are going gray together!" Bear is also a very patient best friend to his sister, Nika the cat, proving just how special he truly is!
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