Notice is hereby given that a Primary of the Republican Party will be held in the Town of Killingworth on September 12, 2023, for nomination to the following Municipal Offices to be filled at the Municipal Election to be held on November 7, 2023:

OFFICE                                           TERM
First Selectman                             11/21/23 to 11/18/25

The following is a copy of the notice which I received on August 9, 2023, from Lauren K. Blaha, Registrar of Voters of the Republican Party, in accordance with Sec. 9-435 of the General Statutes. As provided in said notice, a Primary of the Republican Party for nomination of candidates to the offices therein specified will be held on September 12, 2023, the hours of voting at said Primary will be from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and the location of the polls will be as follows:

LOCATION OF POLLING PLACE: Killingworth Elementary School, 340 Route 81, Killingworth, CT 06419
Absentee Ballots will be counted at this location.
Voting Tabulators will be used.

I have received Primary Petitions for a Republican Primary September 12, 2023, for the following candidates:
NAME                             ADDRESS                                         OFFICE                                  TERM
John A. Samperi           154 Schnoor Road                            First Selectman                     2 yr.
Danyyil Spichko            142 Route 81                                     Selectman                               2 yr.
Arthur C. Wrotnowski 68 Route 80                                      Board of Education              4 yr.
All signatures have been checked and accepted.
Lauren K. Blaha, Registrar of Voters”

Notice is also hereby given that the following are the party-endorsed candidates of the Republican Party for nomination to said Municipal Offices, together with the street addresses of said candidates:
NAME                            ADDRESS                                          OFFICE                                   TERM
Amy Roberts-Perry     110 Parker Hill Road Ext.               First Selectman                      2 yr.
Eric Nunes                    22 Goldfield Road                            Selectman                                2 yr.
Heather Scholfield      83 Hemlock Drive                            Board of Education               4 yr.
S. Derek Phelps            16 Fox Run Lane                              Board of Education               4 yr.

Dated at Killingworth, Connecticut, this 10th day of August, 2023.

Dawn Rees Mooney, CCTC, CCMC, CCMO
Town Clerk, Town of Killingworth