Killingworth’s park and recreation programs are run by a seven-member commission appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The Park and Recreation Commission plans the development of municipal recreation facilities for the children, youth, and adults of the town; establishes and maintains those facilities; and supervises and adopts rules for their use. The commission works closely with the Haddam-Killingworth Recreation Authority. Commission members serve three-year terms, without compensation.

Killingworth currently has playing fields at four locations

  • Sheldon Park: baseball and softball fields, tennis courts, basketball court, horseshoe pits, fishing,adult fitness track/equipment, playground, pavilion
  • Rocco M. Reale Memorial Field: Little League Baseball
  • Bethke Field: softball, baseball practice field
  • Eric W. Auer Killingworth Recreational Park: multi-purpose; playground, access for hikers and riders

The Park and Recreation Commission normally meets on the second Monday of each month.
Jim Duffield, chair


Brian James Blair (R)
James Joseph Duffield (U)
Donna M. Clark (D)
Chris Robert Smalley (U)
Glenn A. Johnson (U)
William Raymond Burley (U)
Jeremy D. Burr (U)