Town Offices can be reached at 860-663-1765 with the extension listed below


Animal Control: x 219
Assessor: x506
Finance Office: x203
First Selectman: x202
Health: 860-661-3300
Land Use Office: x504
Public Works: x503
Tax Collector: x508
Town Clerk: x502
Tree Warden: x403

Name Phone/Ext. Email
Adametz, Walter, Highway Foreman 503
Annino Jr, Louis C., Selectman 501
Auer, Karl, Building Official 206
Ham, Shauna, Assessor 209
Blaha, Lauren, Registrar of Voters (R) 216
Campbell, Dennis, Fire Marshal 860-391-5603
Disbrow, Elizabeth, Selectman’s Admin. Asst. 501
Dupuis, Donna , Treasurer 501
Fagan, Bruce, Tree Warden 403
Gorski, Nancy, First Selectman 202
Ham, Shauna, Assessor 506
Lentz, Thomas, Municipal Historian
McCormick, Nancy, Registrar of Voters (D) 216
Mooney, Dawn, Town Clerk 502
Mulhall, Richard, Resident State Trooper 860-663-1132
Nixon, Ellen, Assistant Town Clerk 222
Nuhn, Michele, Tax Collector 508
O’Toole, Michele, Assistant Town Clerk 204
Regolo, Regina, Finance Office 203
Riccuiti, Mercedes M., Municipal Agent 217
CRAHD- Health Director 860-661-3300
Smith, Marian E., Animal Control Officer 219
Bombalicki, Leo, ZEO and IWEO 505
Young, Jamie Mowat , Selectman 501
Zagorodny, Robin, Land Use Administrative Assistant 504
Oehrle, Debbie, Tax Clerk and Town Office Receptionist 215