The Health and Safety Committee, supervising safety and health matters for all those acting on behalf of the Town of Killingworth, consists of nine members with one representative from each of the following:

  • Killingworth Volunteer Fire Company
  • Killingworth Ambulance Association
  • Killingworth Municipal Employees’ Association (UPSEU)
  • Killingworth Town Hall Employees bargaining unit (AFSCME)
  • Killingworth Transfer Station Employees
  • Killingworth Town Hall Employees who are not members of the Killingworth Town Employees bargaining unit (AFSCME)
  • The current Highway Foreman
  • The current First Selectman
  • Killingworth Library Association


Eric Donavon Couture (D)
Michele O’Toole (R)
Donald B. McDougall (U)
James R. McDonald (D)
Elizabeth Doyle Disbrow (U)
Wayne Gary Linsley (U)

3 vacancies