Birth Certificate Copies
Birth certificates are available in the Town Clerk’s Office of the town in which the mother lived at the time of birth and the town in which the birth occurred. The fee for a full-sized certified copy of a birth certificate is $20.  In CT, birth records are available only to the individual (if 18 years of age or older), parent, grandparent or guardian with valid identification.

Death Certificate Copies
In accordance with C.G.S. #7-51A, for deaths occurring on or after July 1, 1997, only qualified parties may obtain a copy of a death certificate listing the decedent’s Social Security number. All other requesters will receive a certified copy without the Social Security number.  The fee for a certified copy of a death certificate is $20.

Marriage Certificate Copies
Copies of marriage licenses are available for couples who either were married in the town of Killingworth or who were residing in Killingworth when the marriage license was issued.  Any person 18 years of age or older can obtain a copy of any marriage certificate.  The Social Security numbers of the couple must be redacted prior to issuance except to qualified parties. The fee for a certified copy of a marriage certificate is $20.

Obtain a Marriage License
Please schedule an appointment with the Town Clerk’s Office to obtain a Marriage License.  Your Marriage License MUST be obtained from the town in which the ceremony will occur within 65 days of the ceremony.  Both parties must be present (with photo identification) to take the oath and sign the license, and the fee is $50.  Please bring a completed Marriage License Worksheet with you to your appointment.  The form is available from the Forms & Resources tab on the previous screen.