Today is the RSD#17 School Budget Referendum at KES. Please vote - EVERY vote matters!
Welcome to virtual Killingworth
The real thing is better, of course — we have miles of country roads, even more miles of old stone walls, hundreds of acres of woods and streams, starry skies. We also have a great community, which includes the renowned rehabilitation center for birds of prey, the first net-zero home in Connecticut, dozens of sports teams for children of all ages, community gardens, historic places, and a score of active civic groups.

Virtual Killingworth, however, will answer many of your questions, save you trips and phone calls, and help you understand the town government. It will give you access to many services the town offers and allow you to keep up with what’s going on in the various committees and commissions that govern Killingworth. You can also communicate with Town Hall easily and quickly by clicking here (in an emergency, however, please call 911).

Whether you live in the real Killingworth or are just visiting, please let us know what we can do to serve you better.

First Selectwoman Catherine Iino
Killingworth Clean-Up Day
Thanks to all residents who participated in Clean-Up Day on April 30. Participants who checked in with the scouts reported forty-four bags of trash and recyclables collected, and we know many others took the occasion to pick up around their neighborhoods. Thanks to Kelly Leach for designing the bright and beautiful poster, which I hope will be used for many years to come. And very special thanks to Girl Scout Troop 60779 for inspiring Killingworth to do its spring cleaning, for tallying the results, and for making mini-Recyclin' Roxies as tokens of appreciation. They brought smiles to many faces.

--Cathy Iino

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