November 7, 2023 Election Results

First Selectman, 11/21/2023-11/18/2025, Eric Couture (D) 

Selectmen, 11/21/2023-11/18/2025, Joel D’Angelo (D) and Eric Nunes (R)                     

Town Treasurer, 11/21/2023-11/18/2025, Donna Dupuis (D)

Tax Collector, 11/21/2023-11/16/2027, Michele B. Nuhn (D) 

Board of Finance, 11/21/2023-11/16/2027, William Kosturko (D), Marcel T. Couture (D) and Andrew J. O’Neill (R)

Board of Assessment Appeals, 11/21/2023-11/16/2027, Carolyn Anderson (D)

Planning & Zoning Commission  11/21/2023-11/16/2027, Thomas W. Hogarty (D), Paul D. McGuinness (D) and Michael Drew (R)

Planning & Zoning Cmsn. Alt., 11/21/2023-11/16/2027, Alec Martin (D) and Julie A. Phelps (R)             

Zoning Board of Appeals, 11/21/2023-11/16/2027, Mark McCormick (D), Benjamin Charney (D) and Cheryl Fine (R)                      

Zoning Board of Appeals Alt., 11/21/2023-11/16/2027, William Joyce (D) 

Fire Commissioners, 11/21/2023-11/18/2025, Michael Reimers (D) and Don Offner (R) 

Regional Board of Ed., 12/01/2023-12/01/2027, Suzanne C. Sack (D), Jennifer Voegtli (D) and Nelson Rivera (D)                        


Registrars of Voters Optical Scanner Testing and Sealing

The Killingworth Registrars of Voters will be setting up the Optical Scanners and sealing them for the November 7, 2023, municipal election on October 26, 2023, at 3 pm in the Town Hall Conference Room.  This is open to the public.

Lauren K. Blaha
Certified Registrar of Voters
Killingworth, CT 06419
860-663-1765 ext. 216

Food Scraps Collection Program Launched

Beginning November 1, Killingworth residents can bring their food scraps to the Transfer Station as part of a new recycling program. Read more about the program on the Transfer Station page in the Town Services drop-down menu at the top of this page.

Registrar Optical Scanner Testing and Sealing

Rescheduled for Friday, September 1, 2023, at 9 a.m.

The Registrar will be testing and sealing the optical scanner on Tuesday August 29, 2023 at 3 pm. at Town Hall for the September 12 Republican Primary.

Lauren K. Blaha
Certified Registrar of Voters”

Killingworth, the Wait is Finally Over… Meet Your New SUPERHEROES!

Have no fear Killingworth, Super Gibson is here!  Gibson, a gentle and well-mannered black Lab mix, is Killingworth’s new top dog and SUPERHERO!  This thirteen-year-old gentleman was adopted from the CT Humane Society in 2011 and has happily protected and comforted his loved ones ever since. Gibson’s superpower is clearly his “man’s best friend” attitude, dedicating his days to the spread of good will and cheer with every step he takes.  A wonderful companion, Gibson enjoys hiking with his mom and his best doggie friend Becca. And he even goes so far as to jump into the shower with his mom to comfort and protect HER (wink, wink) from the thunder and lightning that HE so fears!  Gibson, the residents of Killingworth will sleep better knowing you are our SUPERHERO!

Harriet, a spunky 11-month-old mini Australian Shepherd, bounded into Town Hall to claim her #2 prize with the energy and enthusiasm of true puppy. Harriet, whose teeny tiny tail never stopped wagging, took control of the town clerk’s office and never looked back! It was easy to see that her SUPERPOWER is her ability to charm anyone and everyone she meets. And that’s exactly what landed her with her family in Killingworth… her dad took one look at her in a pet store and it was love at first sight! So it’s fitting that Harriet is now a Killingworth SUPERHERO!

And rounding out the top 3 is Penne, an adorable 11-year-old Dachshund, apparently named after, yes, the pasta she most resembles!  Penne arrived in the town clerk’s office in her dad’s arms looking like the royalty that she is.  Penne, you are truly our SUPERHERO!  Although she suffers from epilepsy, she shakes off each seizure with a quick drink of water, then picks up right where she left off playing with her favorite toys.  Penne’s SUPERPOWER is the speed and accuracy with which she can remove the squeaker from only certain toys, but never her favorites!

The Town Clerk’s Office would like to thank the wonderful dog owners of Killingworth who license in June and happily share their best friends with our office.  We just love getting to know you and your SUPERHEROES!




Kid’s Conservation Contest Summer 2023

KID’S CONSERVATION CONTEST – All about Vernal Pools.

The Killingworth Conservation Commission and the Killingworth Library are excited to be sponsoring a Wildlife Conservation contest for children , ages 6 through 14.
The contest has two parts -a coloring -art section, and a writing section. The subjects for both include Vernal Pool wildlife. All these amphibians live in and around Killingworth and you probably have seen them. Youngsters will have fun while completing their contest entries and the opportunity to learn more about wildlife and conservation.
There are three participant age groups: 6 to 8 years-old; 9 to 11 years- old; 12 to 14 years-old.
Fun prizes will be awarded to the two best entries in each age group!
Entry materials can be picked up at the library starting July 20.

This is fun for all, and the prizes are terrific so be sure to enter the contest.

REMINDER: Tax Payments Are Due By August 1, 2023

For July 2023 Collection

Tax Collector
323 Route 81
Killingworth, CT
Phone 860-663-1765 ext. 508

Notice is hereby given to the taxpayers of the Town of Killingworth, that the first installment of Real Estate and Personal Property taxes on the Grand List of October 1, 2022, is due and payable on July 1, 2023. Motor Vehicle taxes are also due on July 1, 2023, in one installment.

If not paid on or before August 1, 2023, the installment becomes delinquent and subject to interest at a rate of 18% per annum (1 ½ % for each month or fraction thereof) dating back to the original due date of the bill. Two months of interest will be due on August 2, 2023. A minimum interest charge of $2.00 is applicable to each delinquent tax bill.

Checks should be made payable to: Tax Collector. Mail postmarked by the US Postal Service on or before August 1, 2023, will be considered an on-time payment. Payment can also be made online at

As a matter of law, the taxpayer is liable to the town for the tax installment(s) as they become due and payable. Liability is not created by, nor dependent upon receipt of a tax bill. Therefore, failure to receive a bill does not relieve the taxpayer of the requirement to pay the statutorily required interest when a late payment is made.

Michele B. Nuhn, CCMC, CCMO
Tax Collector

Chip Sealing Has Begun

Chip sealing extends the life of the pavement and makes the surface safer in icy conditions. There will be some loose “chips” of stone for a few weeks after application. We will be using smaller stone than in the past, but we still recommend that you drive extra slowly to avoid kicking up the loose stone. Within a month after chip sealing, we will sweep up any excess stone.

The following roads will be chip sealed beginning mid-August:

• Chestnut Hill Rd
• County Rd
• Emanuel Church Rd – County Rd to the church
• Grace Lane
• Green Hill Rd
• Iron Works Rd
• Kelseytown Rd – Postponed until Spring 2024
• L’Hommedieu Rd
• Lower Ledge
• Old Deep River Tpke #3 (off Reservoir Rd)
• Pine Orchard Lane
• Reservoir Rd
• River Rd North

RSD#17 School Budget Referendum

The Regional School District #17 School Budget Referendum is May 2, 2023, at Killingworth Elementary School, and absentee ballots are now available in the Town Clerk’s Office.  To qualify for an absentee ballot, a voter must submit an original application with their reason for the application noted and signed in ink by the applicant themself.  Applications are available in the Town Clerk’s Office, on the Town Clerk’s page of this website or on the Secretary of the State’s website at

Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 860-663-1765 x502 with any questions.

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